Infrastructure support query

Dear Octopus Team,
Request your help with below query.
Currently we have hosted Octopus Application and Octopus Database both on same single server.
We are planning to implement a database(only) of some other application ‘xyz’ into this server. The application ‘xyz’ will be hosted on other application server.
Since both(Application and Database of Octopus) are already consuming same compute,storage and memory resources, will you recommend the Octopus Server to contain a database of other application?
Does it void the warranty?
Could it impact the performance, despite of dedicated allocation of memory to each database?

Hi Pratik,

Sharing the Octopus Deploy database does void the warranty. Our database is not designed at all for sharing with other applications. We would always suggest having individual databases for all applications but on a shared SQL server.
Again, as with most things, this is stated in our documentation:


Thanks for your response
But we are not sharing the Octopus Deploy Database with other application.
We will just implement the database of other application into same instance where Octopus Deploy Database is present.
So lets say Octopus server ‘MYSERVER’ hosts both Octopus Application and Database. Database ‘OctopusDeploy’ is under d/b instance ‘MYSERVER\OCTDBIN’.
And now we are planning to create database of some other application under same instance ‘MYSERVER\OCTDBIN’.
Will you recommend this approach and confirm if it voids the warranty and impact performance of deployment using Octopus?

Hi Pratik,

You can share the d/b instance not a problem. Sharing the database itself is the only thing that would impact performance or void the warranty.
Of course if the other applications are taxing or cause performance issues with the instance then that will also effect Octopus.