Infinite Tentacle install loop

I’ve been having a consistent, problem with a tentacle on a Win 10 server.

Consistently it fails to restart the tentacle when the machine restarts. The service is marked as automatic so it should restart automatically, but its not. Since I was a version behind I went and updated the server. All the tentacles updated, except my Win 10 server.

So i installed the tentacle manually and I can see the service running, but the tentacle app itself keeps returning me to the welcome screen and I can add the service again.

I then uninstalled and reinstalled the tentacle and that had the same effect.

Any ideas?

Hi Adam,

That doesn’t sound like a good place to be.

For the original issue we have our watchdog service which will catch the Octopus service didn't start issue that you experienced. Have a read of the page I linked to as to why we went with this approach.

As for your current issue, are you able to let me know what state you’re in? A screenshot of the screen your presented will probably go a long way. The only suggestion I really have at this point is to do a full manual uninstall of Tentacle, then re-run the installer and see if you run into the same problem.

It may also be useful to attach any logs (c:\Octopus\Logs) for this Tentacle, provided we have gotten to the point of writing logs that is.

Hopefully we can get this sorted for you, I look forward to hearing from you shortly.


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