Index suggestion User.IdentificationToken

Hi support,
we’re seeing very high CPU usage in SQL server for our Octopus Deploy DB, and one of the simpler to implement and more beneficial index suggestions is this one:

CREATE INDEX missing_index_1 ON [Octopus].[dbo].[User] ([IdentificationToken])

I found an old post that suggested this used to be indexed in your schema; any chance of re-implementing it or has this been remedied in recent performance improvements?


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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve raised an issue for it and submitted a PR. It should be coming to a release soon.

I don’t think it’ll make much impact on your CPU issue however. We are actively working on that problem however, and you can track this issue to stay up to date. We have already rolled out some improvements and are going to continue so for next few weeks. When you upgrade next, I would love to know whether you noticed any difference.

Rob W