Incrimental DACPAC Deploy


Just wanted to know if Octopus Deploy provides incremental Dacpac deployment to database. Currently we are using our internal tool to deploy to production. Please help me if you guys have any solution.

UseCase: If customer is in 8.11 release and we want them to update to 8.13, we need to deploy 2 releases one after the another. (Incremental Deployment).

Thank you,
Pardhu Pillutla

Hi Pardu,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Unfortunately that functionality isn’t something that we have built in to Octopus, and to be perfectly honest isn’t something that we would consider at this point in time. I would be looking into dedicated database tooling for this scenario, potentially something from Redgate.

While it may be possible to configure Octopus to prevent deployments based on comparing version numbers this would have to be custom code, potentially as a [run condition[( on a step.

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