Increase the chances that your support request will be solved in the first reply (please read)

Support is provided by our team in Australia, as well as Dalmiro from Argentina. Because of the time difference, it might be a few hours before we’re able to reply to your discussion, and chances are good that you’ll be asleep when we do.

We’d LOVE to solve your problem in a single reply, but often that depends on how much information is included in your post. If we don’t have enough information to be able to answer your question, we’ll need to come back to you first. Often it’s the same questions each time - what version of Octopus are you using? Can you send a copy of the logs? Because of the time difference, a simple request might take multiple days to resolve.

Here are some quick tips on how to increase your odds of enabling us to solve the problem on the very first reply:

  • Include a full deployment log.
    If the problem is related to a deployment in any way, including a full deployment log will really help. Don’t just copy and paste the error, send us the full log. Feel free to make the conversation private, or to sanitize the logs for anything you don’t want to share first.
  • Print variable values.
    If your problem relates to variables in any way - perhaps a value not resolving as expected, or being undefined - turn these options on and include the output in your deployment log.
  • Include your version number
    Chances are, the issue you’re having could have been fixed already. Tell us which version of Octopus you’re using.
  • Check the diagnostics page
    Server errors that are unrelated to deployments can often be found on the Configuration -> Diagnostics tab.
  • Provide as much detail as you can
    Even if it doesn’t seem relevant, include screenshots, explain what you’re trying to do, and what you expect to happen, and what’s happening instead with as much detail as you can. We might be able to spot something that makes the problem obvious.

We want you to have a great experience using Octopus, and when you have problems, we’ll do our best to solve them as quickly as possible. The more information you can share, the more likely we’ll be able to solve the problem in the very first reply. Help us to help you! :slight_smile:

Paul Stovell
Founder, Octopus Deploy

PS: Everyone on our team is a developer, or was a developer, so don’t be afraid to get technical!