Inconsistent Time stamping from UI to Standard Log to Raw Log on scheduled deployments depending on Timezone

I am in the Pacific timezone (PDT, UTC -7) and my Octopus server in our data center is Mountain time (MDT, UTC -6).
Upon scheduling a deployment (in my case via the Octo.exe deploy-release function) I can see the scheduled time in two ways:

A) Hovering my cursor over the deployment item on the Dashboard/ Project Overview screen, and
B) Under the History heading (right pane) from the actual scheduled deployment page (upon clicking into the deployment item).
Those two time stamps are inconsistent A) displays the scheduled time converted to the users local system (PDT) and B) displays the time stamp on the Octopus server (MDT).

Additionally after the deployment completes there is a discrepancy on the time stamps within the logs. The Task Summary view and the Raw logs display the server time whereas the standard and verbose logs displays the scheduled time converted to the users local system.

See attached images.

MouseOver_vs_TaskSummary.pdf (63 KB)

TaskSummary_vs_StandardLog_vs_RawLog.pdf (270 KB)


Thanks for getting in touch and providing that information. I’m sorry you’re hitting this discrepancy with the times being displayed. Which Octopus version are you currently running? Depending on your version, we’ll look through the code and figure out what’s going on.

I look forward to hearing back!

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Hello Kenny –

Thanks for the reply. At the time that I noticed and reported this issue we were running 3.12.8, however, we’ve just upgraded to 3.14.1 and the issues still persists.

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for following up. I’ve raised this question with my team, and this is actually the expected behavior currently. The main task log view uses JavaScript to show the times in a way that makes sense to the user in their browser. Whereas in the raw log, we don’t reformat it (with JavaScript), as it’s meant to be raw. We can see how this difference can lead to confusion in situations like yours, and we’ve started an internal discussion on the behavior we’d like to see going forward. I’ll ensure to keep in touch with you with more info as it develops.

Sorry it’s not better news! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

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