Include/Exclude specific deployment targets

Does anyone know how to select multiple servers from Include/Exclude specific deployment targets options?

Currently I can only select only one server from the drop menu and this is a blocker as I have over 200 servers and I need to select it manually

Hi @Motassim.Thupsee,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Once you have selected a target you should be able to use the dropdown menu to select another target.

You can only select one target from the dropdown at a time though. So, if you want to include 10 targets you will need to open the dropdown 10 times and select each target to add it to the list.

If you’re needing to perform this regularly for a large number of targets then it may be worth reviewing the Target Roles assigned to your targets and deployment steps to see if they can be tightened or a new one added to decrease the number of servers being selected.


Thanks Paul.

I can get to select one server at a time. However this is a blocker as I am looking to select more than 1 server at time.

I have tried to paste a few servers but it wont accept.

Is there any configuration for this to remove the drop down list or to customise the drop list please?


Unfortunately not.

The best option may be to do this outside of the UI using our octo CLI deploy-release command that allows you to enter a comma-separated list of machines.

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