Improvement Idea: Out of hours retention policy

Applying the retention policy at the end of a deployment isn’t the best use of deployment time especially in a tenanted environment with many packages to deploy for many tenants on a single vm.

I would love to see an option to apply the retention policy out of hours, when the environment is at a low usage.

It would certainly speed up our deployments.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I can see the benefit of that and have come across several users experiencing pain points in their deployments due to the tentacle retention policy taking too long to run or even failing.

We have a uservoice site that our product team monitor. There is a similar item there (Control when Tentacle retention policy step will be executed during deployment – Feedback & Support for Octopus Deploy) but I don’t believe that covers your use case, so, you may want to raise a new item.


Thank you for the reply Paul and the heads up on the user voice site.
I have added to the suggests.
You can close this item if you wish.

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