Imports with version 2.4.6

When attempting to import (1.6) using 2.4.6 I get the following error:

Stored: (source ID: releases-10179, destination ID: releases-14)
Stored: (source ID: releases-10209, destination ID: releases-15)
Stored: (source ID: releases-10210, destination ID: releases-16)
Stored: (source ID: releases-10211, destination ID: releases-17)
Unknown source ID: projects-33
Ignoring release for project: projects-33
Stored: (source ID: releases-10213, destination ID: releases-18)
Unknown source ID: projects-65
Ignoring release for project: projects-65
Stored: (source ID: releases-10215, destination ID: releases-19)
Stored: (source ID: releases-10216, destination ID: releases-20)
Stored: (source ID: releases-10241, destination ID: releases-21)
Stored: (source ID: releases-1025, destination ID: releases-22)

Error: An error occurred when trying to import a batch of items of type Release: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: source

Full error details are available in the log files.
Error: The previous command returned a non-zero exit code of: 100
Error: The command that failed was: “C:\Program Files\Octopus Deploy\Octopus\Octopus.Server.exe” migrate --instance “OctopusServer” --no-prompt --backup “C:\Users\someuser\Desktop\my-imports\backups\20140523-120427.octobak” —tentacle-port “6007” --upn-suffix “

Hi Thom,

It looks like somehow, one of your releases ended up with a snapshot of a project, with a step that has a null name. I’m not sure why this happened, but we’ve added a workaround in the latest release: 2.4.7.

Make sure when you re-import that you purge the Octopus database first. Let me know how that goes.