Importing projects from 1.6 in to 2.0+


I was handed over the task of administering our Octopus deploy install and have a question about migrating projects from 1.6 to 2.0+. I had previously used 1.6 but another group in our firm installed 2.0 on a new server. At that time I manually migrated my projects to 2.0 but I am now faced with the fact that several teams still use 1.6 instead of 2.0 (which has since been upgraded to the latest version). Is there anyway import 1.6 projects in to our new version besides using a database backup? If I imported a database backup would it overwrite everything in 2.0?

I want to get everyone on the latest version but would like to be able to make it a smooth transition for them instead of manually moving their projects.


Hi Boyd,

Thanks for getting in touch! When using the restore and import feature it needs a clean version of Octopus. You will not be able to import 1.6 into an existing 2.0 with data in it. It will error and fail.
The only workaround I could possibly see, is to import to a new Octopus instance and then use the project import feature from octo.exe. But it is not ideal - but maybe faster than manually moving everything.

Sorry if that is crappy news.

Hi Vanessa,

That’s OK, not crappy news as it was expected and we only have 15 projects that other groups need to move. Thanks for the reply!