Import step to multiple Octopus projects


I am new to Octopus so forgive my basic question or if it has been asked before.

We have a over 100 Octopus projects. We have a step template. I am required to add the step to each project. I don’t want to do this manually. Is there a way of adding the step to all projects using powershell?


Hi @b-octo,

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Unfortunately there is no simple way at the moment, but that will change in the near future with “Composite Step Templates” this one of the features we are planning to bring out soon, which would make life much easier in this situation, but unfortunately, it is not available as yet.

Your best bet in this situation is to use the API to make these changes. You can check out our examples repo OctopusDeploy-API .

I would look at:

I hope this information has been useful to you.

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