Import Error


I’m trying to move my OD (v3.4.10) to an OD install on a different server (v3.5.1) and when running the import script, I’m getting a failure with the following error:

FATAL: $type contained Octopus.Core.Model.Nuget.Feed, Octopus.Core

This is the only entry in the log that isn’t debug or info. I know it’s vague but is there anything that you can suggest trying?


Hi John,

Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry you’ve run into this issue.

Could you please confirm the contents of your ‘Feed’ table by running this SQL query for us and screenshot the results here? select * from [Feed], this looks like it could be related to a bug we currently have a fix pending, but your situation is different from the other reports we have had (the other reports were upgrades from 2.6 -> 3.5).

Feel free to mark this discussion as private and only Octopus staff will be able to see the information.

Thank you,

Hi Henrik,

I managed to resolve this issue by updating my existing install to the latest version and re- exporting the data.


Hi John,

Great to hear that you managed to get past that issue.

Thanks for letting me know.

Warm regards,

Hi guys,

just encountered the same issue migrating server/database for Octopus 3.6.0 using import/export strategy.

My Octopus versions on source/target are the same and John’s solution does not work.

I looked into Octopus Core and didn’t found Octopus.Core.Model.Nuget.Feed class at all but found new NugetFeed class.

I’ve opened my feeds json (one built-in and one external) and replaced existing $type value with correct FullName of NugetFeed. With this change import was succeeded.

But i’m still uncertain about overall Octopus consistency after such manual intervention:)

Could you confirm that this fix is correct and my setup is consistent now or suggest something else?


Never mind,

Just tried to re-import and feeds were imported with correct type.
Looks like that previous import was performed before upgrade until 3.6.0.

Now everything was imported without any issues.