Impersonating SQL installs

Hi there,

I have a network where several IT deployment guys deploy sql scripts to db’s.
I want to be able to track who did those installs instead of one predetermined user from with powershell or Octopus Deploy.
We have specific reporting and triggers which fire off to stats servers.
The aim is to deploy sql projects from their local machines, yet log in against the db with their domain account.

Anyone got any info on how to do this? Without the IT guys physically logging onto the sql servers themselves.

Hi Carl

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Octopus is a tool for automated deployment of apps, instead of devs having to jump directly on to servers. So while we currently don’t support user impersonation at an agent level, you can get access to our own audit logs.

The idea of this style of deployment pipeline is that source controlled code changes can be tracked, their packaging is tracked and the deployment of that package to various environments is traceable.

In essence, what you’re after isn’t a feature we support but the overall goal is.

Does that answer your question at all ?




Thanks very much for the feedback.
It does answer my question.