IIS Web Application

When I deploy an IIS Web Application, no files are put on the physical path. When I look at the result of the deployment, everything is green and there are no errors, however, I don’t see a step where the files are put where they belong. I went through the five minute video, but the steps are outdated compared to the current version. Is there a bug or is there something I’m missing?

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for reaching out. Those videos are quite updated and they don’t contemplate the new IIS step that was introduced in 3.4.7.

The link you should be looking at is the one below, which also has links to our documentation.

Let me know if that’s still not enough info to get you up and running.

Best regards,

I see. I noticed that there is a section that specifies a relative path to the file system. I’m sure that’s where I made the mistake. I’ll look into it when I get back to the office. Thank you.

I see a discrepancy in the link you sent me and my local install. In the
link you sent me, under Virtual Path, there is a Relative Path input field.
On my installation, it says Physical Path. I’m not sure the versions are
correct. Since the files don’t make it into their destination, this is a
good candidate for the source of my issue.

Nevermind. I realize that the step does not actually drop the files in
place. I fixed that and now it’s working.