IIS Deployment Directories

We currently host a number of web applications in IIS under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\{ApplicationName} and are trying to configure Octopus to deploy to these directories. We’ve configured everything under the Deploy IIS Website process such as:

  • Deployment Type: IIS Web Site
  • Web Site Name
  • Physical Path
  • Applicaiton Pool Name
  • CLR Version
  • Identity
  • IIS Bindings
  • etc.

The deployment does deploy the files to the Tentacle installation directory, but nothing is copied to the IIS directory whatsoever. Do we need to set up a Custom Install Directory to do something like this? We’d prefer not to have various folders in the IIS directory for each version of the package. Rather, a single folder for IIS to serve up per application.

Hi Chris,

Yes, Custom Install Directory is how you copy the files to a specific location.

Our recommended approach is to serve from the installation directory, and we will automatically point IIS to the new version, because in some cases we see file locking problems when trying to use the same directory for all installations. However we have many users successfully using a custom install directory, so if that is your preference go ahead.

The Physical Path field is intended to be used as a relative path within the install directory when using the default location. This is useful if the root of your site isn’t in the root of the package you are installing. If you set a custom install directory you should be able to leave it empty. We’ve had a fair bit of confusion around this and will be making this more clear shortly.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the clarification.