IIS Binding is not updated if in IIS that binding already exists


We have several IIS websites that upon deploy from octopus some bindings are not attached to the IIS Website.

Mainly, all bindings that already exist in that IIS Server ( though, those Wesbites are stopped ) are not configured into IIS.
Is there a “override” option that I’m not seeing?

Our setup (as example)

when we do our deploying we always stop the websites and start the “maintenance” one, so customer can see a maintenance message…

Question is:

  • how can I override those Website A and Website B deploy with the correct binding so I don’t need to always go to IIS and setup bindings for each Website?

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for getting in touch! It looks like what you are looking for is our variable binding option. The solution here would be to bind each IIS site’s variables to the relevant environment.

First you will need to scope the variables for the bindings and environments you want:

I have attached a screen shot with my example where I have the environments Staging and Production.
If I scope my project to Staging and use #{WebPort} for my binding port it will select the port based on the environment scoped for that variable.

Let me know how you get on.