We’re using an IIS ARR server in a similar way to the description here
In that example the reply says

  1. Use powershell (or psexec) to run remote command on the ARR server.
    Commands very simple, powershell cmd-let Set-WebConfigurationProperty or appcmd.exe"

However when attempting to run this command in Octopus against the ARR server I get the following error messages
Process should have elevated status to access IIS configuration data

Cannot find a provider with the name 'WebAdministration

Has anyone successfully created a means of disabling and reenabling a web server as part of an ARR server farm through Octopus?

Hi Warren,

Generally this is permissions-related. By default, the Octopus tentacle runs as Local System and can run these commands with no problems. However if you’re running it as another account, that account may need some extra permissions to run.

I just did a quick replica in my ARR test lab and it ran perfectly with the tentacle running as LocalSystem, but threw errors when I ran it as a limited-permissions account. Adding the limited account to the Administrators group resolved the error again.

According to this document from Microsoft, Administrator permissions are the minimum required to administer IIS using the PowerShell cmdlets: