Identifying code changes in a release

Our Octopus release names include a commit hash from the Git repository that was used to create the release.
We have written a Chrome extension that is able to extract the commit hash from the about-to-be-deployed release name and also the commit hash from the last deployed release name and extract the comments for each commit between these 2 values from the Git repo. Our developers use this to check what is being deployed in the new release is what they expected (as we have multiple developers working on our projects). The comments are displayed on the screen before the developer presses the ‘deploy’ button.
The extension we used for this will not work with the latest version of Octopus and rather than re-developing it we would like to know if there is a standard way of solving this problem i.e. is there a plug-in, or third party product that is able to show details from a repo about what is being deployed in the release?

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What kind of steps are you deploying? Package steps?


Hi Lance,

Our deploy process has 18 steps. It includes package steps and other things too, such as updating the registry and IIS and carrying out various checks on the website that was deployed.
What we want is to show the commit comments visible in the Git repo associated with the project, since it was last deployed.



Possible solution for you?

  1. Programically query your git repo in order to get your commit message.
  2. Programically create your releases with the commit message in the release notes.


Hi Nigel,

Thank you for your question. I’m not aware of any tools that do what your extension does. Great work on building it in the first place!

We do provide the option to include release notes in a release, and I know that some build tools include support for copying commit messages to the release notes field when a release is created. You may look into whether any of the systems you use include that kind of feature. Alternatively, if you create the release with Octo.exe, it has an option to provide release notes on the command line or in a file.

I hope that information is useful. Please let me know if we can assist further!


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