Icon For "Completed with warnings or errors"

With the 3.0 release, the icon for a deployment that completed with warnings or errors has changed to a green checkmark with a small exclamation point. We recently had a failed deployment with this icon and it took us a little while to realize that it had failed because of the misleading icon. Is this icon configurable? Can it be?
Let me know.


Hi Bryan,

Thanks for your comments. I agree that the “deploy with warnings” icon could be more obvious. You can’t configure the warning icon at the moment but I have raised an issue to fix this:


Thanks, Shane. Any idea when a fix might be implemented?

Hi Bryan,

We are doing Octopus 3 releases every day so the day it has been fixed you will get it. We do have quite a few items on the backlog with breaking bugs getting priority so I can’t say for sure when we will get to this issue.


Does anyone know what happened to this issue. It is closed on Github but nothing obvious has happened in the UI, it is still the “probably just fuzzy pixels nothing serious” all white icon.


Hi Ulf,

It was closed as a wont-fix as our backlog was more than we could possibly complete and it was a very minor issue. But we agree that it should be back on the table for discussion as it has been questioned and it should be easy to see when a deployment has warnings.


Ok, thanks! Looking forward to a few yellow pixels :slight_smile:


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Ämne: Re: Icon For “Completed with warnings or errors” [Problems #37435]

Hi Ulf and Bryan,

I am about to use more words than necessary so the tl;r; is we will do something about this, but probably not until 3.4 or 3.5.

When it was changed to the green icon with the warning, we had a decrease in support requests. The reason being that customers were more interested in how to suppress warnings and have a green dashboard than actually getting rid of warnings or they had warnings they couldn’t get rid of. But now we also agree that if you don’t usually have warnings you want to know right away.

So our solution is going to be:

  • add a project variable for ‘keep my warnings green’ or ‘no i want yellow warnings’ for icons
  • for each warning in your logs, you have the ability to ‘mark as ignore this warning’ so you could suppress warnings from external tools that you cannot control but you know the deployment is fine. It also means if you get a new warning it will go yellow again

so based on both of those, it makes it a large extension and not something we can update quickly.

Thank you both for the feedback on this issue.

Thank you,

That sounds like a very good solution, does ‘mark as ignore this warning’ suppress identical warnings from future deployments? It would be a huge bonus if that were true but doing so is complex enough that I fully understand if it does not work like that.


Hi Ulf,

Yes it will be for future deployments, not the current deployment. The process would be similar to: A deployment happens with warnings, you mark in the deployment log the warnings for us to ignore for the future. You run the deployment again and those warnings are still warnings in your log, but will not trigger the deployment to have a status of ‘warning’.

This is why I cannot give an estimation of when this will be completed, as it will have to be in a feature release and Multi-tenancy is a very large mountain we have only just started climbing.