Huge Performance Issue on several Pages

Dear Octopus Team,

as nobody has responded to my mail on yet, I’ll writing here to seek for support.
We’re using Octopus here for one of our Markets and would like to extend this to the next market where we wanna rollout.

But currently we struggle with the application when launching following Pages:

Looking from Developer Tools on this Page the load time is:

We’re using Version 2019.12.5 LTS.

The current user experience is far from well, which leads to huge disappointment on our ends and increase any processing time.
The Server itself with 4 cores and 24 GB RAM has a small utilization.

Thx upfront.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear that you didn’t get a response. I just went digging and found your email in our spam filter. I’ve released it, and we’ll get to work on investigating this ASAP.