HOWTO Make C# In-Line Script for Octopus

using System.IO;
// Doesn't the in-line script need to have a using statement to include Octopus?

namespace Fleetcor
  public class Deployment
    public int Deploy() // How to make this function get called from an in-line script when the script runs.
      string csWorkFolder = Octopus.Parameters["Work_Folder"]; // Don't we need to add a using statement for the "Octopus"?
      File.ReadAllText(csWorkFolder + "\\web.config");

      // How to return a failure code to have the deployment stop, and preferably denote a
      // full error that is seen EVERYWHERE, that Octpus show any error, first and foremost, as
      // the MOST PROMINENT error for the failure.
      // To clarify, Octopus will show errors on the screen, when a deployment fails. How can we
      // make thart first error, and all other errors, always show the script's error.

      return 0; // Is zero failure?

Hi @J-S-B,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you with some information.

It’s worth noting that Octopus uses ScriptCS and not raw C# when writing C# scripts.

The following documentation page has some details on how Octopus uses Script Modules, including C#.

We also have a documentation page on how Octopus handles Error Handling which should be helpful.

If you have any further questions or run into any issues here, please let me know.

Best regards,

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