How tp faild the step when batch script return %errorlevel% otherthen 0

Hi Team,

I am running batch script using octopus rus a script step to deploy the sql DBs using dacpac and I am calling this script from powershell since we dont have option to run batch script directly in this step.
I created a for loop to deploy the dacpac on all required DBs and if any DB fails it will terminate the script, please find the below syntax.

for /f “delims=” %%x in (alldb.txt) do (

“SqlPackage.exe” /Action:Publish /SourceFile:“dacpac” /TargetDatabaseName:"%%x" /TargetServerName:“DB” /TargetUser:“user” /TargetPassword:“password” || echo ERROR && exit /b

so when ever deployment failed for any DB this script is going to stop and when I run echo %errolevel% giving 1, but the same script when I run from powershell this step is showing as successful and octopus email is triggering success email, please find the attached screenshots.

So I ran the same script in powershell directly and then ran echo $? and it returned true, thats why octopus step showing as successful, so how can I make step success or failure depending on this batch script return value.

Please find the screenshot .

Hi @satishy,

Thanks for getting in touch. The key to marketing the step as failed when something goes wrong is to return non-zero from the script or raise an error. Something like if (some error condition) {Exit 1}.

That said, I did some quick testing and I found if you explicitly set an exit code from your script, it should return an non-zero value which is then mapped to the PowerShell $LASTEXITCODE value.

So if you change your batch script to do something like the following.

“SqlPackage.exe” ... || echo ERROR && exit 1 /b

And then check the last exit code in your PowerShell like if ($LASTEXITCODE -ne 0) { Exit 1 }, you should be able to fail the step correctly.

Hope this helps.



Hi Rob,

Thanks for your suggestion, it worked perfectly.


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