How to verify tentacle is registered with Octopus server via cli

Subject pretty much sums it up. I was wondering if there was an easy way to verify if a tentacle has been registered with the Octopus server via CLI. In a nutshell, I’m attempting to automate the install and configuration of Octopus using puppet. Part of that process requires an execution of a batch file, which then registers the tentacle with our server. Unfortunately, puppet needs some way to know if the tentacle is already registered, or it re-registers every time the agent runs. Any help someone can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Ethan,

Thanks for reaching out. You can use the cmdlet Get-OctopusMachine from the Octoposh module to see if the machine has been registered or not.

Module site:
Cmdlet doc:

See attached screenshot to get a glimpse of the Cmdlet’s output

Hope that helps!