How to use "Deploy release step" to trigger deployment asyncroniously - without waiting for child deployment result

Hi Guys,

I am reaching out with a question regarding trigering automatic deployment of a “child” project from a “parent” project using the Deploy release step. The problem is - I do not want the step to “wait for the outcome of the triggered child deployment” - I want to use be “fire & forget” as I do not want the parent deployment to wait the child deployment result because: 1. take too long to run tests & 2. I do not want parent deployment success to be dependent of child deployment success!

Is this possible, I read the docs but I hope I have not missed something…?

Some more context to my question since there might be a better way of implementing my requirement:

  • I have a TC build that triggeres a deployment of “parent” project into CI environment. This also may create a Release in a child project as normally new Acceptance test package version is also pushe to the Octopus internal repo.
  • Last step is a “Deploy child project release step” that triggers deployment if release is not deployed already; The child project release version number is taken from the Acceptance test package.

My problem with this setup is that I do not want the parent deployment to wait for the outcome of the child deployment and I found no setting to change this behaviour?

I am planning to use a script step with API call in place of the “Deploy release step” so I can ignore the triggered child deployment result…

Am I missing something…?

Many Thanks,

Hi Emil,

Have you by chance looked into the Community Step called Chain Deployment? This will let you kick off a release from another project and has a wide array of parameters you can set, including when you want the release to happen.

Let me know if Chain Deployment looks like it will be a fit for you. If it’s not a good fit for your use case, we can try and come up with another solution.


Hey Jeremy,

the Chain deployment step solves all my problem indeed :ok_hand:

It is very rich on features and options - I wish I checked it out in detail before post my question :blush:


Hi Emil,

No worries! That’s what we’re here for. I’m glad it’s a good solution for you. Please feel free to reach out any time.


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