How to update tenant variables using octoposh

What is the proper way to use the OctoPosh to update a tenant’s project and library variables?

I could not find any helpful resource at online help docs.

Thanks for your help!

I think you need to post this question on the github site.

Octoposh is an open source project which is NOT supported by the Octopus Deploy team. All questions/bugs about this module should be entered on this github project.

Octoposh is just a wrapper around Octopus.Client which is maintained by the Octopus Deploy team.

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Thanks for reaching out! As Colin mentioned, Octoposh is an Open Source project not supported by our team.

That said, I used to be the main maintainer of that project in my spare time :slight_smile: . I’ve stopped working on the project because I found very little meaning in keeping up with all the changes that our team was making to Octopus.Clients. Like Colin said, Octoposh is just a wrapper around that .NET Library, so I strongly encourage you to use the library straight from your Powershell code instead of doing so through Octoposh.

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