How to structure Visual Studio solution and deploy.ps1


I have a visual studio solution structured as attached. I have powershell project with scripts to deploy a report project. I also have a c# project used as a container for roundhouse .sql scripts.

I create a nuget package of all the projects and would like to deploy the reports and database changes in one process, using one Deploy.ps1 eventually. There is still a Deploy inside both projects… ignore those.

I had my Deploy.ps1 file for the database deployment in the powershell project. I moved it to the ‘root’ of the solution so that octopus will run it. Now all my references to the other powershell scripts don’t work, and if I move those scripts they will break due to relative positioning to the SSRS project (I think).

Am I doing this wrong? How would you do it?



Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out! There’s plenty of ways to do this really. Personally I would stay with having a Deploy.ps1 script on each project that only runs whatever is needed for that project to work. I like to keep things clean and separated :).

If you wanna use a centralized deploy.ps1 script, like you said you are bound to have some problems due to relative files locations that you are gonna have to figure out on your own depending on where do you drop your Database Project files and your SSRS project files.

Those are my 2c on the matter :). Let me know if you have any specific questions!



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