How to specify a Space in Migrator tool when Exporting specific Project?

I saw in documentation in order to export specific project or project group we should do something like this:
Usage: octopus.migrator partial-export []

Where [] is any of:

** --instance=VALUE Name of the instance to use**

** --projectGroup=VALUE The name of a project group you want to export**

** --project=VALUE The name of a project you want to export.**

Octopus.Migrator.exe partial-export --instance=MyOctopusInstanceName --project=AcmeWebStore --password=5uper5ecret --directory=C:\Temp\AcmeWebStore

But how do I specify a SPACE from which I would like to export specific Project if the same Project name exists within multiple Spaces and I want to export it solely from one SPACE?

I will appreciate some example!



You’re correct, if two projects have the same name, they will both be included in the export.

A possible work-around for this is to use the --projectGroup argument to identify the projects to export. You could even move the projects into a project group specifically created to identify the projects you wish to export.

Another possible work-around is to rename one of the projects with the non-unique names. This isn’t ideal, I know.

The migrator tool has some rough edges regarding spaces. We do apologize for this.

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Thank you @Michael_Richardson for your kind assistance!