How to solve 'Access is denied' when copy files from Octopus server to target


I am trying to copy files from Octopus server to remote target server in a step, Octopus server is running under default Local System Account. when I am trying to run steps then getting ‘Access is denied’ error from PowerShell script.

Note:- we are not using Tentacle on target server, and want to do without Tentacle.

Please let us know your thought.


Hi Sanoj,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your query.

The usual way to copy files to a remote server is to use a Tentacle to deploy a package. You mentioned that you’re trying to avoid this approach. Would you be willing to share your reason for this as we’d be interested to know?

In order to investigate the “Access is denied” error that you are seeing we’ll need to know a bit more about the method you are using the copy files from the Octopus Server to the remote target. Could you please let me know which type of step you are using and what code/configuration the step has?

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Hi Charles,

Thank you for your quick response.
I am able to solve this issue using impersonate a user with PowerShell.
I will reach out again if I need any further help.

Thanks & Regards

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