How to show Octopus project variables over Grafana dashboard

Hi Team,

We are doing the octopus with Grafana for dashboard view. In order to achieve this, We have add the octopus plugin and import the required json file for dashboard view. All is working fine , can see that the related stuff over Grafana Dashnoad.

But my query is below, Can you please help me to view the project variables which is using for the specific project under specific spaces in octopus over the grafana dashboard. Means I want to see over the grafana dashboard the project variables which was used for deployment under specific spaces, environment .

Please advise.

Hi there, I noticed you emailed as well, so I’ll share the response from the email here, to help others who may have the same question in the future.

Sadly, the Grafana datasource plugin only queries the reporting endpoint at the moment, which does not include that information. The Datasource code is in a public repository (, so you could use that as a base and expand the Octopus API endpoints to include that information. Due to current development priorities, and the upcoming holidays, I’m not sure when or if the engineering team would have the capacity to take on expansions to the project, but you’re more than welcome to file a request on our UserVoice site (

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