How to set host name for tentacle installation through VM extension

The documentation shows how to deploy tentacle installer through the VM extension. We have used this extensively to test our new infrastructure. However we have a problem in that our VMs are shutdown every day to save money. On restart a new public IP is assigned to the VM. The only reason we need an IP is for tentacle-server connection. Reserving a static IP is expensive.

Given that the registered tentacle is no longer accessible once the IP changes, can we instead register the tentacle’s host name instead of an IP? That way we can use Azure DNS to manage host name / domains and ensure the tentacle is reachable via host name rather than IP.

Looking at your script module cTentacleAgent.psm1 from package I can see that you call Get-MyPublicIPAddress to obtain public IP and feed this as the --publicHostName argument when configuring the tentacle. How about you make the host name an argument in the VM extension settings? So that when you deploy using the Set-AzureRmVMExtension cmdlet you can (optionally) specify this host name in the settings / properties object?



Thanks for getting in touch! You are able to set the hostname for your Tentacles inside Octopus. This is done by clicking the Environments tab inside Octopus then clicking on the Tentacle you wish to change. From inside here you can change the Tentacle URL from something like to http://exampleserver:10949/

Unfortunately it is a very difficult and long process for us to change Azure templates with Microsoft. However, I have just created a UserVoice suggestion to see if we can get enough community support for this, I have linked it below. Feel free to comment and add your vote.

Please let me know if this helps or if you have any other issues/problems.