How to set deployment target name for Octopus Azure VM extension?

We use Octopus Azure VM extension to install Tentacles on the newly provisioned VMs. Those Tentacles get automatically registered with Octopus server and their Deployment Target display name is set to the VM’s machine name.

The problem with that approach is that we may have identically named VMs in different Resource Groups, but as Octopus is unaware of Resource Group scopes, machines with the same name are indistinguishable in Octopus as they have the same Deployment Target name too.

I wonder if there is a way to provide custom Deployment Target name in order to make it unique?

Hi Konstantine

Thanks for getting in touch!

At this point, its not possible to change the deployment target name using the Azure VM Extension, but it is possible if you use DSC directly.

The extension is designed as the simple happy path - if you need more configuration options, then the DSC has a lot more capabilities. It is a bit more complicated to use, but is also much more powerful.

Hope that helps!


Understood. Thank you!