How to set "DACPAC Package Step Name" parameter for "SQL - Deploy DACPAC" step?

I have package deployment step and try to use “SQL - Deploy DACPAC” step next. That step has many parameters and the very first one is “DACPAC Package Step Name” (The step that downloaded the DACPAC to the tentacle). In the step details view that parameter says “Select step” and shows little arrow pointing down which looks like I should be able to select one of the previous build steps, BUT when I click on the arrow it just turns up with no choices to choose from. This field also does not seem to be directly editable. How I suppose to fill it in? Please advise!

Thank you!

Hi Konstantin,

Thanks for reaching out. That dropdown list should be showing you the names of previous steps. There’s a bug that I opened a few hours ago to get this fixed:

Sorry for the inconveniences caused by this issue. For the time being you can hard code the name of the previous step using a custom expression as shown on the attached gif.


That makes sense. Thank you!
BTW the link (to the bug) you have posted leads me to exactly the same page where the discussion is. Is the link correct?

Hi there,

The link was totally wrong. It was suppoed to be this one:

Also just wanted to let you know that we just shipped 3.7.6 with a fix for this issue :slight_smile:


By the way, Dalmiro, which software you use to create those small animated GIF screencasts?

That’s kind of a sad story: It’s a chrome plugin called “Snagit” which is no longer available in the chrome store :frowning:

I should really look for a new tools for this.

Dalmiro, good news for you: :slight_smile: Works like a charm and free!

I recently moved to Snagit (not free) and I’m quite happy with it. But its good to know other alternatives.

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: