How to separate Octopus Server frontend and backend?

Due to our network infrastructure, we would need to separate the web frontend of the Octopus Server from the required services, in order to install them on separate machines. In other words, the Web Server should be in our DMZ, but the services which communicate with Tentacles (either in polling or listening modes) need to be in a more secure part of the network. Is this possible? If so, how?

Hi lonevvolf

No sorry this isn’t not how Octopus is designed. It’s a windows service that hosts the HTTP API, and the web client is a compressed javascript application.

You won’t be able to do what you’re asking at the moment.

If we end up adding the Relay Tentacle approach outlined here you might be able to support that, but it’s not really the thinking behind that feature either.

I get having a web server in a DMZ, but we’re not really a public facing web app, we’re an internal tool. Are you required to move say your build server, monitoring tools etc into a similar architecture ?