How to see if a variable is being in any projects?

Is there a way to determine if a variable is being used in any project? We are building new variables and want to make sure that the old ones are not still being used somewhere. Is there any easy way to do this? Or would I have to go to each project and manually figure it out?

Hi Anshul,

Thanks for reaching out.

If the variables are coming from a Library Variable Set, then all you need to do is update it and all the projects that were configured to use it will get the latest version of it at the beginning of each deployment.

Now, if the variable were set on each project under Projects->[Project name]-> Variables, I’m afraid things will get trickier. The only way to programatically look for a variable here would be using the Octopus API to get each project’s variable set and inspect it.

There’s an open source project called Octoposh that has a cmdlet called Get-OctopusVariableSet that might come in handy here as It’ll do most of the heavylifting you gotta do to achieve what you want.

$Variables = Get-OctopusVariableSet -projectname *

By running the above line, you’ll have a collection of variable sets from all of the projects inside of $variables that would look like this:

ProjectName            : Azure - Web app
LibraryVariableSetName :
ID                     : variableset-Projects-161
Variables              : {}
LastModifiedOn         :
LastModifiedBy         :
Resource               : Octopus.Client.Model.VariableSetResource

ProjectName            : Azure Powershell
LibraryVariableSetName :
ID                     : variableset-Projects-101
Variables              : {@{Name=Install/Path; Value=c:\Deploy; Scope=; IsSensitive=False; IsEditable=True; Prompt=}}
LastModifiedOn         :
LastModifiedBy         :
Resource               : Octopus.Client.Model.VariableSetResource

You could then iterate through the property Variables of each result and look for a variable with the name you are looking for.

Octoposh website:
Cmdlet wiki:

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Thank you for the reply. My question was more about changing the name of
variable, not it’s value. But I think the script you sent might be of help.
If you can send any more tips that would be great, but if not then I can
try to work with the script you sent. Thank you.

Hi Ansul,

That cmdlet (along with some scripting from your side) should help you finding the projects that have a variable with the old name. You could then use that info to go and manually rename that variable until there are no projects left with the old one.