How to see deployment history if an instance is deleted

Noticed that deployment history on an instance is removed if the instance is removed. We use AWS’s autoscaling groups and scale up and down frequently and when we need to look into past deployments, we can’t see the history. Is there a way to remove instances and keep deployment history?


Thanks for getting in touch. Could I just get some further information to make sure I’m understanding your scenario correctly?

When you say removing an instance, is that removing a node from a HA cluster? I.e. is the autoscaling group adding/removing Octopus nodes to a HA cluster?

If so, are the instances configured to use a shared location for the log files? If they are using a local folder for the task logs then the record of the deployment will stay in the database but the task log with the detail of the deployment would be lost if that node was deleted.


It’s an AWS autoscaling group adding or removing octopus nodes. The instances are not using a shared location for the log files so once they are terminated, they are gone.

Even if it were a shared location, ideally we’d like to see the deployment history directly from the UI. Is there no way to configure this? If not, is this a feature in your roadmap?

Thank you

Ah, I may have misunderstood which history you meant. Are you referring to the Previous Deployments list that appears in the bottom left of the deployment task page?

If so, then I suspect what is happening is a cascade delete of the deployment details when the server node is deleted. I’m looking into whether there is any way to stop that, but I suspect there isn’t.


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