How to Review a Scheduled Deployment

I cant seem to find any way to review the configuration for a scheduled deployment. For example, another user could schedule a deployment and want me to review the configuration prior to it being released, where could I see the configuration details for that particular scheduled deployment. A typical scenario might be that one user schedules a deployment for a specific set of targets and wants some reassurance from another team member that they have selected the correct targets.

I realise the scheduled deployment itself is simple to find in Octopus Deploy, but the actual configuration for that particular deployment does not seem to be readily available.

Hi @B_Richardson,

Sorry about the delay on getting back to you on this one.

We’ve done some checking and this appears to be something that was never implemented! We checked back as far as Octopus 2.6 and it was never there, assuming this is the screen you want to get back to:

I have created a GitHub issue requesting the improvement, you can follow along here if you are interested.

Please feel free to comment on the issue (or here) if there is anything specific you need!


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