How to revert the version upgrade change for Octopus Deploy


I’m planning to upgrade the Octopus Deploy version from v2018.5.4 to latest v2019.5.4 and below are the steps which I’m gonna use for this change.

  • Stop the Octopus Deploy service
  • Take the database full backup of Octopus database
  • Take the VMWARE snapshot of Octopus deploy server ( Octopus deploy is running on VMWARE VM)
  • Install the latest version.

Now I would like to know back-out steps for reverting to previous version v2018.5.4. This is required in-case if we face any issue with latest version. I’m planning to use below steps for this and let me know if these steps are ok or any changes required?.

  • Stop the Octopus deploy service
  • Restore the database from previous backup which has taken before version upgrade
  • Revert the VMWARE Snapshot on Octopus Deploy server which was taken before version upgrade or install v2018.5.4 version. Let me know which option is better.
  • Test the application.

Hi Ramana,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The steps you have for both upgrade and downgrade are what we would recommend. The only other item I would add is to make sure you have a copy of your Octopus Master Key in case of emergency.

Hope everything goes well, let me know if you have any follow up questions.


Thanks Alex. Upgrade went well.

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