How to reuse the release with existing release number

Hello Team,

I’m using team city and octopus for my build and deployment, in some scenario i need to use with existing release number for the deployment, but i’m getting error like “Release ‘’ already exists for this project. Please use a different version, or look at using a mask to auto-increment the number.” Is there any possible way to overcome from this issue.

Team City Version : 9
Octopus version :

FYI: i tried with “–ignoreexisting”, but for my case i can’t use this variable, because when i’m using this variable the release getting skipped and my changes are not deployed into the servers.


Hi Jeeva,

Thanks for getting in touch! The --ignoreexisting flag is for automation where you might need to rebuild the same packages, it allows you to make use of the automation without worrying about errors.
But if it find an existing release it exists early. It doesn’t update the existing release and it doesn’t even deploy to what you have defined in the deployto field.

If you want to deploy to an existing release you need to use the deploy-release command instead. But again it will not update packages or information from the existing release.

Hope that helps!

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for your information. Is there any possible way to include current date with build release number,

Currently i’m using the argument as “1.0.0.%build.counter%”.


Hi Jeeva,

I found the following Stack Overflow discussion where someone created a variable to then use:

Hopefully this helps!

thanks Vanessa, let you update the feedback once i applied same in my teamcity