How to remove Spaces from Path? Extracting NuGet Package creating folder with Environment name which has Spaces

Hi Team,
After extracting package from NuGet Server to Tentacle machine. Octopus by default creating path/folder by Environment namewhich has spaces. I was trying to execute “SqlCmd -i $SqlFilePath” which is not allowing the complete path with spaces.
Is there any way so that, I can able to set/create the path by my own way while extracting package into Tentacle machine or SqlCmd will allow $SqlFilePath with spaces?

Sopan Vaidya

Hi Sopan,

Thanks for reaching out! The easiest thing here would be to rename the Environment Name. Re-copying everything to another file would require you to write your own custom script, which wouldn’t be the cleanest workaround (not to mention very error-prone).

On a non-Octopus related side note: I did a quick googling and I couldn’t find a strong reference online about sqlcmd not supporting files with spaces. It sounds like you can easily workaround this with a correct use of doublequotes . But that’s a bit beyond the Octopus support scope :slight_smile:

Best regards,