How to prompt user to select from the generated list?

For Azure deployment project we need to let user make a selection from the list (think Cloud Region list) which we don’t have upfront and need to generate by running some PowerShell. How do we do something like that?

For clarity, step by step:

  1. Our custom PS script generates the list, like “Option 1, Option 2, Option3”
  2. We need to present user with UI "Please select from the following options: … "
  3. Get user input and assign it to Octopus variable
  4. Continue with deployment script.


Hi Konstantine,

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately that isn’t something that is supported by Octopus.

If you’re using prompted variable steps, it will need to be a change to the process. The reason for this is part of the repeatable guarantee, if it was prompted at deployment time it would change the outcome.