How to promote a specific release using teamcity plugin?


Is there a way to promote a specific release(Instead of using the latest) from one environment to another using the teamcity plugin?

I checked the octo.exe commandline options but I couldn’t find a option to select specific release.

We are using Octopus deploy version.



Hi Ram,

Thanks for reaching out. The TeamCity plugin uses Octo.exe on the background, so you were already on the right track there. Now, a promotion is nothing but a deployment of a specific release to a specific environment (that depends on having that same release deployed to the prior phase/environment).

You can use the Promote-Release command of Octo.exe to promote the Latest release of that project.

Now, if you need to promote a specific release (not necessarily the latest), you can use the Deploy-Release command with the parameters --deployto and --releaseNumber

Hope that helps!


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