How to make Octopus Deploy retry the failed step automatically after warning manual intervention?

Hi Team,

We are getting lots of error message “Access to path is denied” when moving files in a folder A to folder B in a custom step template which requires manual intervention to retry or ignore.

Action that has been already taken:

  • Octopus Tentacle is already using a domain account which is in the local administrators group.
  • local administrators group has access to the folders.

Wondering if anyone is experiencing this problem and if they have found a solution to automatically retries the step template after certain seconds when getting warning message which requires manual intervention. We are using Octopus v2019.1.6.

Thank you,

Hi Vashisth,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately there is nothing in our arsenal that can achieve exactly what you want. Some people have found that guided failure mode is a reasonable solution depending on their exact issue. I would recommend reading through here to find out if this meets your needs.

You are also not the only person who is pining for this functionality. I would recommend adding your vote to our uservoice forum.

Let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.



Hi Dane,

Thanks for the update.


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