How to make changes to Octopus projects and test them without affecting real deployments

I’ve got a series of database and ASP.NET projects that get deployed to about 10 different tenants.

We’re at the point now where these deployments have become critical and I need a way of being able to “branch” the Octopus projects so that I can change the deployment processes in an isolated fashion without affecting the current deployments. Then when I’ve verified my changes work correctly, “merge” that “branch” back to the main one.

For example, today I’m trying to update our main web Octopus project to support deploying an ASP.NET MVC application as an IIS Application not just a website. But I don’t want my changes to run the next time someone checks into our “master” branch.

My initial thought was to make a copy of the current project so I could change it use a special tenant so my changes don’t affect the live ones and then somehow copy that project back, but I don’t see any facilities for this.

I could set up a brand new project to make my changes in, but my concern is that i’ll miss some key setting when trying to manually update the “production” Octopus project with the changes that were made to the “dev/test” Octopus project.

Any suggestions for how I can proceed with this?

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