How to include web.debug.config with octopack


How can I include the web.config transfrom: web.debug.config when using octopack on msbuild?
I’ve tried: /p:Configuration=Debug /p:OctopusPackageConfiguration=Debug

But my web.config is not transformed and It only contains the web.release.config transformation file in the nupgk.
Can octopack do the transform? or can i specify that it should include the web.debug.config ?

Using files in the nuspec seems like a bad idea. I would like to keep the default nuspec behavior.

Same issue here.

Transformation occurs during release.

Are you trying to package a website? If so, then Files tag shouldn’t be required. If the config is marked as content in your project file (see below) then it should be packaged automatically.

Here’s mine:




All get packaged just fine when I run:
msbuild.exe SolutionFile.sln /p:Configuration=Release /p:RunOctoPack=True

Also, found it that I was able to add the CI config transform file manually by adjusting the project file rather than having to manage a new Build Configuration in the solution.

Sorry if I am completely off track in trying to help.


OctoPack currently excludes web.debug.config explicitly; it’s something we’ll change in the next release. We assumed no one would want to include this file. Could you put the transforms in Web.release.config (which Octopus runs during deployment)?


Same problem here - I have a Debug environment I’d like to deploy to (for testing purposes during migration to Octopus Deploy).

Which version will include this fix?

This is now fixed in OctoPack 3.0.19 - web.debug.config is included now.


In case i want to do partial deployment (deploy the changes only in the web.config or xml file), is it possible to do via the tool or will i be required to re-deploy?
If yes, kindly let me know the steps.

Hi Ashish,

Thanks for getting in touch!
Unfortunately no, you cannot do partial deployments with Octopus, a re-deployment will be needed.


Hey guys,

Just so you know, the documentation page ( still states that “OctoPack also automatically excludes Web.Debug.config from the package.”


Hi James,

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve fixed that in the doco.