How to implement "Side by side" releases right

It looks like Octopus implies one to one mapping between Environments and Releases. But what to do in a rather typical case when multiple Releases may be installed in the same Environment side by side? In our particular case we push current product version and vNext as two different Channels of the same Project and they may (and should) be installed side by side in the same environments.

Dashboard screen shows mapping between Projects and Environments, but it is not helpful and even misleading for side by side scenario. May be it should show the mapping between Project/Channel combinations and Environments, so it is possible to see more than one Release installed in the Environment?

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As you mention, the global dashboard currently don’t allow for displaying separate entries for releases to channels for projects, you would need to look at the individual project overview dashboard for that information. In saying that, we have been discussing making improvements to the global dashboard and one of the items would be to enable showing channel related information for projects as well, but it is not something we have started as of yet and I do not have an ETA for when we would.

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