How to get package name and version of a release


I am trying to integrate TeamCity and Octopus with APIs so that I can monitor both statuses at once in one place instead of jumping around between two systems.

The first thing I need to figure out is how I can get the package name associated with a project.

I think I will be able to get the information with wiring API calls but I am not sure I am doing right.

Can you shed light on this?

Hi @leehwasoo,

Thanks for getting in touch! As Octopus is an API first program, everything you can do or see in the portal should be possible with the API. However, creating a something like our dashboard outside of Octopus to monitor projects/packages will most likely take some extensive work on your end.

I’m happy to help get you started in the right direction with this. First, I’m sure you may have already seen it but we have a great documentation page on our Octopus.Client.

We also have an open source repository containing some helpful API scripts for doing various tasks in Octopus which may be a good place to get some ideas.

Another thing worth noting here is that our Octopus.Client itself is open source and may help if you are investing some time into developing something via the API.

You mention trying to find the package name associated with a project. It is worth noting that packages themselves are not associated with the project, rather the steps within the project, or a released. If you get the deployment process for a project, it will contain all the steps, including steps which use packages and the packages associated with them.

Anyway, hopefully the above information gives you a good idea on where to start. If you have any further questions here, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,