How to do the config transforms for multiple sites hosted on the same machine, and using the same configs?

Hello people,

I am evaluating Octopus and I’m struggling with something that I don’t have the experience to solve on my own. I’m working on deploying a white-label project and my stage environment is a single server (Windows/IIS/.NET) with multiple sites, using the same code, but with different web configs (different connections strings and a lot of other keys). So the problem I’m trying to solve is how to transform those configs to be correct for each site. I’m deploying the code to all sites at once with separate processes within the same project, and I can’t use the variables, because they are configured per project and not per process and I can’t have variables with duplicate names.
Can someone, please, point me in the right direction?


Hi Ivan,

We use tenanted deployments to handle this situation. You then get tenant-specific variables to handle the multiple deployments on a single machine.

Vern DeHaven

Thank you, Vern!
I’ll do some reading and give it a try.
I was actually thinking about separate projects for each site, but this solution has the potential to get really messy.