How to determine which library package is related to which release

I was wondering why there is no link in the release to show exactly which library package it is linked to / will use.

I get that the name is the same, but linking through, even in the history would be handy.


Hi Jon,

Thanks for reaching out. A couple of questions to make sure we understand how and why the links would be handy.

The packages related to a release are displayed when creating a new release, along with selectors for which version of each package is to be used. Is this list where the link would be handy? Where would it be most helpful to link to, the Package Versions page for the package?

When you’re viewing a previous release we don’t currently roll the package information from each step up into the Task Summary, but you can find the package information per Step in the Task Log. Would having the Packages list on the summary tab be of value?

If you have screenshots of the pages you’d like to link from/to that might also help clarify.



I was referring to the release details page. So if you went back to a release later on you would be able to see what package. I have just noticed that it does say which package it is referring to (see attached screen shot). Simply having that as a link back to the library could be helpful. But now I have noticed the text (not sure how i missed that before), it is at least referenced.


I attached the wrong file:

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the screenshot, certainly helps make it clear what you’re after. I’ve asked around the team and there are no current plans for UI/UX updates on the Release pages. We’re always open to input from the community though, so if you think it’ll be of value then might be worth heading to our UserVoice and adding a suggestion.


Hi Shannon,

It certainly isn’t a high priority (imho), if someone is working on that page then I imagine adding the link wouldn’t be too taxing but to explicitly do it would not be a massive value add.

Thank you for your help.