How to deploy to an active web site?

I have users working on my web site pretty much all the time, and obviously I can’t just run a deployment without somehow locking them out, or switching where my IIS site is pointing to, else I’ll get file contention problems.
I don’t mind if they get a “please be patient” message for a couple of minutes while I do the deploy.
How do I do this?


Thanks for reaching out. There are a couple of ways you can do this, and they all fall under the realm of IIS. What Octopus can do is help you setting up those IIS configs.

The easiest one I can think of is modifying the path of the site to point to a file that says “Please be patient” in the first step of the deployment. Then go on with the deployment as usual, which at the end will re-map the site to the correct path.

You can use this library step to modify the path of your site:!/step-template/actiontemplate-iis-website-create (dont mind the “create” on the name. If your site exists it will only update it)

Hope that helps!