How to deploy files from a package to an AWS S3 Bucket

We’ve got a simple demo website which includes a few HTML, CSS and Javascript files that we would like to host in an S3 bucket. The files for the site are built by our CI process and packaged into a NuGet package.

We have found the ‘Amazon S3 Upload’ script in the Octopus Deploy Library and have successfully managed to set up a process step that can copy files from our Octopus server into the correct S3 bucket within AWS.

However, we want to deploy the files from the NuGet package but we cannot find a way to add a step that will simply deploy the package to the server - there doesn’t seem to be a standard step for this and we can’t find anything in the Library.

Anyone know of a way to do this?

Many thanks,

Thanks for reaching out! You are right, there’s no standard step for this currently. But you can Make this work in 2 steps:

  • A step that deploys the contents of the package to a Custom Directory

  • That S3 push step that grabs the files from the dir where they were dropped on the previous step, and then pushes them to Amazon.

Hope that helps!

Hi Dalmiro!

link don’t open

Sorry about that! fixed the link on the original post :slight_smile:

Tks Dalmiro!

But, how to enable this feature?

I found this link too, but still same problem:

Using: Octopus Deploy v3.5.1

Hi Rafa,

I’ve tweaked the documentation a bit to make it more obvious where to find that feature. Check this link once again please: